Getting Ready for V-Day

Cute homemade fortune cookies from one of my favorite YouTube channels, ochikeron!

Ah, that dreaded commercialized day is approaching. You know what? I actually enjoy Valentine’s Day. Maybe because I enjoy theme parties and the like. Anyways, nobody says you have to celebrate it with expensive gifts and dinners. This’ll be bf and I’s first Valentine’s together since he’s been back so I wanted to do something handmade for him!

Here’s a couple photos to inspire.
Strawberry hand pies from, Mini Caprese Bites from, Valentine’s Day card ideas from

Flourless red wine chocolate cake from, Braided up-do image roundup from HonestlyWTF.

I bought a similar heart shaped silicone ice cube tray from Daiso and plan on using them to make chocolates. I’ve never tried using one before so let’s hope it comes out fine! Now I just need to buy the chocolate, the decorations, and decide on where to eat dinner if we have time to.


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